Over 25 million job searches occur on Google alone each month. Position your job opportunities for optimal exposure through SEO and lower your cost per hire.
an image of Google search results for the phrase 'nursing jobs near me' on both a laptop and a smart phone
Google (logo)Google is consistently a top source of candidates, while routinely being one of the lowest cost per hire sources for our clients, at an average CPH of less than $200.*
*average across all industries.

Search Result Positioning

Elevate the position of your job postings in organic search results and Google for Jobs, to drive more traffic to your career site.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Provide candidates a quick and more rewarding job exploration process including user defined content, Google map powered job searches and dynamic job posting experiences.

Talent Network CRM

Allow candidates to quickly express interest in a career and/or sign up for text and email job alerts. Full CRM functionality is included.

Your Unique Employer Brand

SEO platform is completely customized to reflect your unique brand and content.

Detailed Analysis

Sophisticated source measurement metrics included to empower you with track-to-hire-data filtered by date, media source, job category and location.

SAAS Model

Requires no internal IT resources and easily integrates with applicant tracking systems (ATS).
A cost effective way to reach your potential candidates.
visual representation of '10 percent'10% of your job advertising budget could account for more than visual representation of '80 percent'80% of your hires, eliminating overspending on under performing media.
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